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Tradition Stove
Tradition couch up
Tradition WDfx
Tradition End
Tradition Shower
Tradition Living area
Tradition looking from kitchen
Tradition dining table
Tradition Deck 2
Tradition Closet closed
Tradition large closet
Tradition couch folded down
Tradition bathroom
Tradition Gray white
Tradition Sleeping Loft
Tradition Stove Closed
Tradition brown
Tradition Dining 2
Tradition Deck
Tradition Kitchen


Build your own ESCAPE starting at just:

$19,500 (MSRP)

The First ESCAPE DIY kit


For years we've seen hard working folks struggle to try and make their dream of owning a Tiny Home a reality.  For many, they just needed to find good financing which we now have here.  For others, the dream is a DIY project.  They go to classes, buy plans...but nobody gave them what they really needed:  a kit with not just a plan but the materials needed to help make their dream a reality.  

Problem solved.

 The new ESCAPE kit allows you to build your own ESCAPE Tradition and includes not only a plan but all the materials needed to construct your own Tiny Home exterior including a custom made trailer.  We know you want to do your own thing on the interior...choose your own flooring and cabinets, create your own bathroom and kitchen so we say go for it.  The challenging part is getting the trailer, framing and exterior right and that's what we have included.

So why waste money on a class or just a plan when you can have a complete kit to help you make your Tiny Home a reality?

The starting price for a kit including a custom trailer built just for you is only $19,500.


Detailed Plan 
Trailer custom designed for your home
Framing materials 
Roofing material
Inside finish materials
Flooring and pad

Electrical and plumbing materials will depend on your choices.

Delivery depends on location.

Most importantly, you will have access to the professionals at Lamperts who can guide you in all your material questions and needs plus refer you to the professionals you want.  This includes contractors, electricians & plumbers.


You can do as much or as little as you want.

The basic package is just $19,500 for your very own ESCAPE.


Call your local Lamperts today, locations are here:

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