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  A great solar power system is cost effective and cutting edge.  Our system features 500w or more in solar panel power, a pure sine wave inverter/battery charger and up to 100Ah in solar battery storage. You can also upgrade to a 300 Ah of battery storage.  Located on the roof of your unit are solar panels (500w total or more) that connect directly to the Solar Energy System.  You can order additional solar panels to generate more power. Please note: solar radiation is variable from location to location. Phoenix gets much more solar radiation than Cleveland plus trees and other objects can severely limit solar power production. You must position your unit correctly to receive maximum sunlight.  While our units are very energy efficient, be careful what electrical items you choose for your unit as it is possible to run any solar power system dead.  Good news:  we do include a shore power cord, just in case and we always recommend having back-up power whether it is the grid or a generator.

Water and Waste:

  We use the Separett Villa 9200 composting toilet which gives the user options as to how they use liquids vs. solids and has odor control.  While not perfect, it does the job. Just as impressive and perhaps even better is the Laveo by Dry Flush.  This unit has almost all the advantages of a composting toilet but without the smell and need to actually remove a bucket.  It is a very impressive toilet we do recommend if you need or want to avoid a black water system. You can choose a traditional toilet if you have a waste system attached to your ESCAPE.   For gray water we provide a direct outlet for connecting to an irrigation system or to empty into an appropriate drywell or septic system. For fresh water you can select an on board tank with an on board pump providing water pressure. Like electrical, please be careful in your option selections.

 If you want a stove in your unit, we recommend an LP unit due to its small power draw and high efficiency.  You can choose between standard appliances or RV type.  See pricing on the options sheet.  In addition, we use on demand LP water heaters in each unit which are much more energy efficient than standard tank heaters.  Two 20 gallon LP tanks are standard on most units.


Windows are extremely important to energy efficiency and off-grid living.  We believe in using windows  to expand living space which let’s one feel much more connected to the surrounding environment.  All of our windows are Low-E, argon-filled thermopane and built to handle extreme weather of all kinds. Most windows open for plenty of ventilation.  You can add ceiling fans…also a great idea.


 Having great insulation is critical to an efficient living environment no matter the size.  While there is a fixation on R value, air penetration is equally, if not more, important.  For this reason we use closed cell insulation.  Besides providing a 7.4 R value per inch and using recycled products as part of the foam, the foam hardens and forms a terrific air penetration barrier.  We have seen too many buildings with fiberglass or blown cellulose insulation that have high R values but have air penetration issues that negate much of the R value.

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