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If You're Ready to Give Up on Everything and Move to the Country Forever, This is the Tiny House for You

December 11, 2016

 Have you ever wanted to just give up on everything and retreat deep into the country, far from any society, where you can write a novel and raise goats and contemplate the stars, untrammeled by the presence of other human beings? If it's your dream to become a modern-day Thoreau, this tiny house is the perfect place to do it.



Your new home is the Vista, a little house on wheels with a much more modern design than you would usually expect from a tiny house (or a trailer home, which is essentially what this is). In the city, all that glazing might be a privacy issue, but you don't care because where you're going, the only Peeping Toms are charming woodland critters.



Inside the house is everything you need: a bed that doubles as a sofa, a kitchen with a cooktop and undercounter fridge, a full-height storage cabinet, and even a pop-television, if you'd like to be reminded of the world you left behind. The Vista XL, one of the options offered, even has a washer/dryer and a bathtub, a rare luxury for a tiny house.


The Vista is available for purchase from Escape Homes and starts at $29,800 for the smallest model (which is admittedly quite small). It can even be outfitted to operate off-grid, a convenient feature if you never want to see another human being ever again.




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