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“This is a magical place with stunning scenery nestled right next to an award winning property where you can order up the delicious food to be delivered right to your door and never have to leave! I highly recommend dinner at Canoe Bay's Inn. And plan to do a whole lot of nothing, just good rest, reading, nature immersion, wonderful nature walks around the area. Truly a restorative stay that felt like we got away much longer than just the weekend.” - Anne Athena

“Beautiful tiny home in the woods! Peaceful place to spend a fall weekend. Loved that there were trails right outside.” -  Torey (about the BOHO unit)

"We absolutely love our units and cannot thank you enough for everything.

Your installer was great." -  Kate, Asheville, NC

"I Love my Traveler XL"- Sheana, Julian, CA

"The home, garage and every building in our area burned...except our Traveler XL.  It is a miracle and we love it."  Darian, Santa Rosa, CA.

"The answer to the daydreams many of us share." - Silodrome

"Reinventing the rules of small living." - Cottage Life


"A mini gem." - Treehugger


" Hurricane Irma went through with 104 mph winds.  Damage was everywhere, except to our Traveler XL.  Thank you!"  Carl, Miami, Florida.
"Just writing to tell you we LOVE our ESCAPE.  It's even more spacious than we thought.  It's really beautiful & the installers were fantastic.  I can't say enough about how seamlessly everyone worked together."  - Lori & Mark, NYC


I just wanted to drop a note to let you know that your delivery crew went above and beyond what was required.  Huge thank you to them for their effort!- Jeremy, San Diego

"Buying an Escape home was a bit of a leap of faith for me. When I started looking for a tiny home I quickly realized that I did not want a house with a loft AND I did not want to live in a doll house.  My sister found the Escape website and sent it to me and I loved the pictures and designs. The problem was that I am self employed so traveling to see the Escape homes in person just was not an option.  Initially, I was very nervous about buying a house sight unseen but after talking to Dan at Escape I started to feel like it was possible. He was great to work with making sure that every detail was in the design drawings and kindly added things that I missed or never thought of! He even made me a custom bed platform so that my dogs would have plenty of room to sleep under the bed. He answered my endless questions and provided the information that I needed to do the site work before delivery. The gentlemen who delivered and set up the house were quick, efficient and lovely to work with. This house has exceeded my expectations and I am so very comfortable and happy living in my Escape home! The construction is top quality and the wood work is beautiful. I had a great experience from start to finish."

- Rebecca, Maryland.
"We are enjoying our ESCAPE every is fantastic"  - Kevin & Nancy, Iowa
"I can not tell you how much I appreciate both your installer and your customer service.  You have gone above and beyond to help me and I am very thankful." - Amanda, North Dakota
HGTV:  "Gorgeous...the ultimate escape." "Beautiful, efficiently designed and carefully crafted, ESCAPE could make your dream an affordable reality."
Huffington Post:  "If it looks like a charming cabin, is structured like a charming cabin and is designed like a charming cabin, it must be a charming cabin.  
"ESCAPE was conceived as a high quality cottage, not an RV. Inspired by All-American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s celebrated attention to detail and appreciation of nature, every element of the ESCAPE has been finished to the highest quality standards, featuring cedar lap siding, LED lighting, Energy Star appliances and much more. With remarkable architectural detail and beautiful furnishings, this is hardly your standard RV, but rather an object of repose that enhances the beauty of any natural setting."
Yahoo! Homes: "...the trendiest dwelling out there..."
Midwest Home: "Charming, eco-friendly, and affordable. And, in the words of it's fans, perfect."
2014Interiors:  "Immaculate and gorgeous style and design." we drool about:  "a beautifully crafted and efficiently designed cabin that could make your dream an affordable reality."
Inhabitat: "The ESCAPE is a symbol of modern living, where energy efficiency and minimalism are met with the comforts of good design"
Dream Home:  "Immaculate and stunning layout."
ViralNova:  "Compromises must be made when creating a tiny home. There’s no room for a full kitchen or bathroom, but one look at ESCAPE and I would completely forget about that."
Uncrate: "Whether your using it as a woodsy cottage or a  summer cabin, it's a great and suprisingly affordable option"
Gizmodo:  " perfect, you can't even tell they're mobile...And you'd never ever, in a million years, guess that they're actually very versatile, incredibly handsome RVs."


"ESCAPE has exceeded my expectations and I am so very comfortable and happy! The construction is top quality and the wood work is beautiful. I had a great experience from start to finish."

- Rebecca, Maryland

"Why buy a house at all? Stunning!" - RV Business