What is the Canoe Bay ESCAPE Village?

  This is the first RV/Tiny Home Village in the Midwest.  The Village is perfect for a special getaway, click here to make a reservation  Units are already available for purchase in the Village and a rental program is available for customers who want to generate income from nightly stays in their unit.  Every unit in the Village is hand crafted in our own RVIA Certified factory in Rice Lake, WI.   


How much do the ESCAPE units cost?

Prices vary considerably by model, just choose a model to see pricing and options.  Note that there are both Conventional RV Tiny Homes and Park Model RV Tiny Homes. Here is a list of available units and sites.  Finance your ESCAPE here.


How quickly can I get my ESCAPE?

We have a few units and prime sites available immediately.  Here is a list of available units. Otherwise it is normally 60-90 days.

Is the Village a part of Canoe Bay?

While adjacent to Canoe Bay and under the same ownership, the Village is a completely separate entity.  The grounds of Canoe Bay are for Canoe Bay guests only.  You can make a reservation to dine at Canoe Bay as an outside guest subject to availability. 


Can I stay overnight in units in the Village?

Absolutely.  The Village is perfect for a unique getaway...just click here for rates and availability.  ​

Can I move my ESCAPE unit?

Yes....you own it!  However, moving the Park Models will require special equipment.  Also, if you are part of the rental program by contract you must wait until the end of the year to move your unit.  


What are the monthly costs?

 Your unit will have it's own electric meter and billing comes directly from the Village.  You will need insurance, which is readily available.  The only other major cost is the lot/site cost which varies by location from $350/mo to $600/mo. and covers all maintenance in and around your unit as well as the public areas plus water, sewer and cable TV.  In addition, an important service that is included is we regularly check units for security purposes and to protect your investment.  There is a $25 cleaning fee if you are part of the rental program.  Please email here for more information.

What about property taxes?

By law, your ESCAPE is an RV and therefore is not subject to property tax. You simply buy a tag from the DMV every year. 


How do I participate in the rental pool?

You are not required to be in the rental program.  But if you do want to participate, we have a long track record of running a successful rental program at Canoe Bay.  Of course your results will vary depending on many factors including but not limited to how many days you use your unit per year plus the type and location of your unit.  Contracts for the rental pool are done on a yearly basis with the rental fee divided 50/50.  In addition, to participate in the rental pool, your unit will have to conform to the look and furnishings guests expect.  The Village rental program is the only one allowed for units in the Village.  Please email here for more information.


How many units will be in the Village?

 The ESCAPE Village is a very low density development.  Set on over 100 acres, when complete approximately 90% of the property will remain wild with wetlands, lakes and wilderness with units strategically placed to maximize privacy and green space.


Can I alter my ESCAPE unit?

 Yes, you own it.  However you can not participate in the rental pool if your unit does not conform to the look rental guests expect.


Can I bring in a different Tiny Home to the Village?

 The ESCAPE village is only for ESCAPE units. 


Can I change sites?

Yes, after the year rental for your spot is up.  Please note there is an expense involved and moving a Park Model can be expensive.


What about ATV's, Snowmobiles and Personal Watercraft?

The Village is intentionally a quiet place so these are not allowed to be used on the grounds.


How about Children and Pets?

 Over the past 25 years, Canoe Bay has developed a successful formula including running a win/win rental pool for owners of units on the property.  Specifically, when guests are asked what they like most about Canoe Bay, the #1 response is no children.  So for those who want to participate in the rental pool in the Village, we know what works and provides maximum return...no children/no pets.  That stated, as the property expands we do anticipate having a designated family area.  Pets are not allowed on the property.


Can Visitors come to our unit?

 Absolutely within reason.  The Village is not a place for a large reunion so guests are limited at any one time.  They must register as part of the Admission Agreement.


What about fishing in the lakes, swimming and canoeing or kayaking?

    Yes, but please be careful.


What about smoking, fires and cooking out?

Smoking is not allowed on the property.  The fire risk is very high in this area so other than in designated areas, fires and cooking out are not allowed.  Please note that local fire towers look for smoke and the DNR is quick to pounce on violators...and they can be quite unpleasant including fines.


Is financing available?

 Finance your ESCAPE here.  The great news about ESCAPE is that by law it is an RV. Therefore you can easily finance it at any bank in the same way you would finance a car or any other RV.


Can I have my ESCAPE furnished?

Absolutely.  Each unit has a furnishing package option. 


How are ESCAPE units heated and cooled?

Heat comes from an LP furnace, split system and/or a fireplace.   A/C comes from a high efficiency split system or roof system. 


What about maintenance of my ESCAPE unit?

Other than routine items, your new ESCAPE has little or no maintenance.  The unit is designed to be easy on you. We do recommend re-coating the unit with our stain every 3-5 years but this is strictly optional and dependent on your location.




​How is a Park Model ESCAPE regulated by government?

 Federal regulations provide that a Park Model RV is a towable RV built on a single chassis and measuring 400 square feet or less.  In addition, a Park Model RV must be designed as temporary living quarters for recreational, camping, travel or seasonable use and not as a permanent dwelling.  Because federal construction standards for manufactured (mobile) homes do not apply to Park Models, most manufacturers, including ESCAPE, comply with standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).  Park Models are titled and registered with state Departments of Transportation where they are used.